cropped-pucketts1.jpg    My name is Aliyah. For the past few years, I’ve nearly procrastinated to my grave about writing a blog, and well, here I am now. For starters, I’m a Christian, an Author, Mama Bear to a beautiful little girl, and proud Wife to the most loving, crazy, dorky, amazing man in the world, Amillio, my wonderful husband. I’m also the founder of a women’s ministry, Noble whose mission is to create a community of redeemed women, by rebuilding the abused. We recently made our way back to Atlanta, Georgia and became first-time homeowner’s, woo-hoo. I enjoy praying, reading, writing, cooking, painting, and so much more. I decided to create this blog in hopes to inspire others and to bring people closer to Jesus. I plan on sharing good reads, yummy recipes, touching base on topics from relationships, to health, and so much more. I also plan on sharing a few of my own personal stories, to my love for Christ and how much He has changed my life. Most importantly, I look forward to all of the readers who plan on joining me throughout this journey. I pray for much peace, love, and blessings to be sent your way.



4 thoughts on “About 

  1. You are blessed as well as a blessing to many. Happy adventures in this wonderful world!

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    1. Thank you my friend. I wish the same to you! God bless you!

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  2. I love Macon. I’m there almost every weekend! Looking forward to reading more! God bless!

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    1. Aw we love it out here too! And thank you for even reading, seriously it means so much. God bless you too!

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