How to make your mornings more blissful

You know how they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? I can say the same for prayer. Prayer and a little verse or two before you get your day stared is ultimately the most important ‘meal’ of the day. When we start our days off with prayer and a little reading of the Word, we give God the room and the permission to direct our steps in his path for the following day. We let him know that “it’s ok to lead me today and forever more God, by all means do just that.” We don’t place our trust in time and where time will take us for the rest of the day, but rather we place our complete trust in God, and turn our minds towards, “Where do you want to take me today? Let your will be done. How can I please you today God?” Awakening our Heavenly Father with love to begins your day and praying until you have peace in the mornings is what will bring upon you a blissful day. 

Even if you have to get up an hour earlier just to get that time in with God, do that. I promise you won’t regret it. Don’t be too busy for him, and let your flesh take control. Be intertwined with God, and he will intertwine in you. Let your every mornings be inspired by the word of God and his down to earth presence. Peace.  


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