How to edit your photos and make your feed beautiful.

A lot of us don’t really care how our feed looks or even go into further detail on photo quality, editing, etc. and that’s fine. We all have our own personal preferences, so that’s completely understandable and can’t be argued with. But for those of us who do, but may not know where to start or how to get there, this is for you. Especially if you’re trying to promote a brand, or your photography, or just your blog, because let’s be honest: photos and their quality are everything when it comes to you and your brand. What’s even better, is that there’s no special catch, or anything complicated to figure out. You just simply download these free photo apps and start working on your photo taking skills a little more, and you’re good to go! Let’s get started.  

So, how do I get better looking photos and a more beautiful feed? Read below. 

1. Download the following FREE Photo Editing Apps: Snapseed, VSCO Cam, and A Color Story for High Quality Pictures that you will not regret. 

These are by far my favorite mobile photo editing apps, and have been highly recommended now by the best bloggers and infamous instagram gurus for years now. Although they are simple to use, I wod recommend watching small YouTube clips on how to edit on these apps so that you can get the highest quality photos that you’re looking for. Because there are a ton of tricks and perks that you can learn to enhance the photos quality even more. If you’re editing your photos on the computer, I would recommend installing Adobe Lightroom and educating yourself on how to use it also. It’s truly greatness. 

(Tips: Always play around with brightness, contrast, and saturation, as they will really add more of a ‘pop’ and clear color to your photos.) 

2. Watch YouTube Videos on how to take better photos. Better angles, lighting, and simple changes and tips will make a huge difference. Do some research. 

God bless YouTube… lol seriously. 

YouTube has just about everything that you need when it comes to stepping up your feed’s game and taking better photos. Take a few minutes out of your day to learn how to get better angles, how you can improve lighting, and simple changes that will make a HUGE difference to your feed. You will thank me later. 

3. You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive camera. But camera quality is everything. 

Although I do have a professional camera, most of my pictures are captured on my iPhone. To avoid going through the hassle of uploading and editing all of my photos on my laptop, and then transitioning them back over to my phone, just to upload on social media. My iPhone has personally served me justice as my mini personal photographer, and it can serve as yours also if not already. By the way, you don’t need an iPhone to have good pictures, there are androids that offer great quality photos. You don’t have to break your bank, go out and spend hundreds of dollars for a better camera, when you can use your phone. Again, sometimes it’s just all about better angles and lighting.

5. Be yourself 

Last but not least, be yourself

It can be frustrating and get discouraging at times while trying to build yourself and create your own personal brand, and just promote whatever it is that you’re trying to get out into the world. But above all, I encourage you to just breathe and be yourself. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers, and social media people that may have reached their success just a little earlier than you. Don’t try to copy what others are doing, because just because it worked for them, doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Always remain original, I truly believe that those that are meant to come across into your path and appreciate you will appreciate your authenticity, and your ability to stand out and be unique. Do just that. Don’t change yourself for anyone, but God. 

For me personally, I love colors on my feed. I love the greens and blues, and reds, and I just love to promote the love of Christ and positivity above everything. I truly believe that that’s just me. Find that you, go after him/her and be just that. Watch yourself flourish. 

In the mean time, I hope that you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading. 


Aliyah ❤️


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