“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.”

– Colossians 3:15

The art of being grateful… 

You guys would never believe what inspired me so much to write this. Yesterday, my toddler just so happened to pursue one of her daily rants, and she just turned 4 years old, so that’s totally understandable and acceptable. But she started to get upset because she couldn’t get what she wanted. As parents, it makes us upset when our children don’t see just how much we have sacrificed for them, they don’t see our willingness to die for them, and I can go on. I began to get upset because she began to name everything that couldn’t go her way, and with her being a toddler, I can’t sit and explain in details just how much I do for her in words. I can’t get into every bill, the cost of food, the fact that I just spent a whopping amount of money on all of her clothes for this year, and just taking her out to have fun at her favorite places. She simply doesn’t get that yet. My daughter is sweet, and she usually expresses gratitude, but this day, nothing could seem to go her way.

When my daughter tells me, “you make me mad” I tell her, “Well, you make me happy.” When she gets upset because she couldn’t get candy, I respond with “You have everything to be grateful for; breath, life, a roof above your head, food on the table, and I can go on. Be grateful.” I think even sometimes, we as adults need this. When my husband and I had first got married, we were given a TON of furniture for our new home. We’d received a beautiful bed, but the only thing was, the mattress couldn’t get along with our backs. I’d wake up each morning with a worn out back from sleeping. Who can possibly get a worn out back from sleeping? I’d dread going to sleep just because it’d leave me with a drained, halfway broken back. I remember one night, I’d gotten so tired of the mattress, that I’d say “I hate this bed.” A few moments after, I’d hear the Holy Spirit tell me, “Be grateful that you have a bed to sleep in.” And I’d convict myself, and ask God to forgive me for ever being ungrateful, knowing that there are people who’d kill just to have a bed to sleep in, rather than their faces planted on concrete in downtown Atlanta.

I say this because, we can all learn to practice gratitude more. We can start by putting a stop to talking about everything we hate, and letting the world know what we love. We can start by waking up each morning and thanking God for a new day, and for everything from our head to our toes. I can go on. So, today, I encourage you to be grateful. Let the peace of God rule in your hearts, and humble yourselves under his mighty hands, and in due time, he will exalt you. Follow after peace today.


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