How I cleared my Acne 

So, I first started getting Acne when I was 13 years old. In result of that, I started to wear makeup at a young age to cover up the blemishes. Not knowing, that the makeup wasn’t helping my acne either. It only worsened. I tried just about every product you can think of, literally I’m not kidding. From big names brands like proactive, neutrogena, clear, acne free, stridex, and I can go on.. But nothing would ever work for me. Sometimes my skin would clear up, and then it’s just go back to normal. Mind you, I have nothing against any of the products because I bet they work for different people, we all just have different skin types, and not every product will work for everyone. It’s completely understandable.

Eight years later, and I’ve still suffered with acne. Only this time, I let go of a ton of bad habits and I found a product that actually took a HUGE part in clearing my skin. I still may have a small pimple show up every now and then, but that’s completely normal, and it’s nothing compared to the dramatic breakouts that would plant on my face and have me looking like a strawberry.

So If you want to know how I cleared my skin read below:

  1. Cera Ve Face Wash and Daily Moisturizer

This is the product that ultimately lead me to having clear skin, and I’m forever grateful for this little bottle of magic. A friend of mine who’s dermatologist recommended it to her, had recommended it to me, and I began to use it. At first, my face went into a small breakout, but this was normal for me, because my skin was simply just adjusting to it. So I was determined to remain consistent and patient, because I’d seen how awesome it did for my friend. So eventually, it did the same for me and I’m so happy I found this product. I wash my face twice a day with it and it will last you months. You can get it from target for about $10.99 along with the daily moisturizer for about $10.00 also. It’s well worth it.

2. Daily Sunscreen

If your daily moisturizer doesn’t include sunscreen, I highly recommend wearing sunscreen daily. It’s good for your skin, and your skin will thank you later.

3. Oils

I like to use small amounts of oils on my face that are good and beneficial for my skin, such as Tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil. Tea tree oil kills bacteria and is a great acne fighter, and Vitamin E oil is rich in benefits and is known also known as an acne fighter and a good facial oil.

4. Drink lots of water and stay healthy 

Drinking lots of water and eating healthy is a great way to keep toxins out of your body, and is known to be beneficial to fighting acne. For many of us, our acne can be a sign of something wrong with our health, such as dehydration, kidney problems, and so much more. Drinking lots of water will also start making your skin look more vibrant and hydrated over time. Keep up the good work.

5. Let that makeup go for a while

I don’t wear makeup at all, but I used to wear it faithfully for YEARS so I know the wear and tear it can cause on some of us and our skin. Before I started wearing makeup, although I had some acne, I remember my skin being more vibrant and more alive and with color. Once I had grown accustomed to wearing makeup, my skin began to go pale and I’d look tired and sick at times, and it’d just given me another reason to keep wearing it. It also worsened my skin, and sometimes it just depends on the kind that you’re wearing. I’ve now officially have been makeup free for a year now, and my skin couldn’t thank me anymore. It can finally breathe, and I have my color back. If you don’t want to stop wearing it, try taking a small break from it for a while and see if there’s a difference. Sometimes we just have to let our skin start to breathe again.

6. Remain Consistent 

Last but not least, don’t give up! Your skin will be clear, and you will eventually discover the right products and tricks that will work just for you. Remain consistent and choose to keep going, and don’t put yourself down so much. You’re beautiful with or without acne, and you can do this. You will find just what you need. Believe it!
I hope this helped some of you, this is just from my personal experience with clearing my skin, and it may not work for everyone. I will say, clear skin is SO worth the fight over the years, and I’m glad that I finally discovered the special antidote for my skin. I hope those of you that are struggling with having clear skin find just what you need. I know you will. Thanks!


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