Sometimes, you have to Encourage Yourself and that’s Okay

“But David encouraged himself in the Lord God.”

– I Samuel 30:6


Trust me, I know what it feels like for a trial to storm in and greet you, and you just feel like no one is there. You may reach out to family and friends, and you always seem to receive the church cliche answer: “Just pray about it.” or “Everything will get better soon.” I’m not downing those words, because I truly believe that when spoken from loved ones and friends, they are truly speaking from the bottom of their hearts, and are genuinely taking the proper steps to encourage you and see you get back up. But there comes times where you have no choice but to encourage yourself in the Lord. Even David had to reach this conclusion, and come to understood this, after the people blatantly spoke of stoning him. Can you imagine people speaking of stoning you and your first reaction? Do you think you’d reacted as David did? What a heart after God he truly must’ve had to be taking in the words of “Let’s stone him” and he fought those words back with immediately encouraging himself in the Lord.

What a love for God he must’ve truly had to be able to go into worship, and assuring himself in The Great I Am, and his great power. Most of us today don’t really affected by people speaking of stoning us. Most of our trials come forth in the form of financial setbacks, or friends gossiping about us, or just maybe even a far more greater tragedy than what David experienced, and in response to every ounce of the pain; we let ourselves done, and we can’t see or feel God anymore. We lose our faith. We get to a place where we feel like God has forsaken us. We invite the enemy into our homes and let him convince that God isn’t with us and he doesn’t love us, nor hear us. But he does.

There’s going to come times where you will feel as if God just isn’t in the midst. God will allow for us to be in places where we have no choice but to drop to our knees, cry in despair, and trust in Him. Sometimes, we may not understand all that God is doing, but we weren’t assigned to worry, rather we have been assigned to know him, to love him, and to trust him. So today, I encourage you to encourage yourself in the Lord. Be virtuously honest and authentic with God. Don’t walk away from Him. Let Him know your every need, and trust that he is with you always. Trust that every storm, is to bring you closer to His kingdom. Put your faith in Him, and in the strength that He has given you today. Always remember, if you’re still breathing, you still have a purpose.

“The Lord God is with you. The Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you. In his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17


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