The Mother + The Womb Poem


 She made herself weak, so that you may be made whole.

Opened great doors for you, all while keeping the toxic ones closed.

You’d run to her with questions, and she’d given you the answers.

Warning you, choose whom ye will dance with, because even the devil is a dancer.

At times, you grew stubborn, knowing she was right.

So you’d cut open your own wounds, just so she could bandage them tight.

The Mother of peace, compassion, love, nurture, and care.

Who’d go without nothing, just to make sure you were never hungry, and without clothes to wear.

Mother, Mama, Mommy, Mama Bear.

So heavily slept on, so today we ask that you’d wake up and take care..

of Her.

Because Mama won’t always be there.

And when she’s gone, you’ll hold onto every word, every hug, every laugh, and every glare.

And for some of you, maybe mama has left you too soon.

But she has this special place in your heart, that every now and then you revisit and you groom.

She was the Mother who gave you all the space in the world just to grow, and just to bloom.

The Beautiful Mother, the favored daughter of the Almighty God who formed you, and kept you covered in her precious womb.

The Mother all of our hearts tend to gravitate to..

Mother, Mama, Mama Bear

(We Love You)

Aliyah Nicole Avina


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