Target Baby Haul 

So, it was definitely time to go summer shopping for my toddler, and what better place to go then.. Target? 

    The ONLY thing about Target is that it can get quite expensive at times, so I did spend a little bit of money on all of my daughters new clothes and natural hair products. I believe I purchased about 13 new outfits and few new things for the bath and for her hair. But I’m actually extremely glad I got these things. It’s been well nreally ended. 

    Before I go any further, I just wanted to share that it’s been very hard for me finding “modest” clothes for my toddler since she’s been born, but now that she’s about to be 4 and can fit a 4T in clothes, I was finally blessed with some goodies! So, I just wanted to share some cute styles I’ve been feeling for my toddler this summer.

 Celine in her beautiful maxi skirt and pink top 🙂 

Cute tulle skirt I got on sale for $6.00!

Beautiful Emerald Green Osh Kosh Dress I got for about $17 I believe. It’s really beautiful. 

A Baby blue OshKosh dress I got for $17 as well I believe. It’s gorgeous. 

Can you say modest babe? This is the same dress Celine had on in the first picture, but it’s a great church and serves well as a casual outfit also. I love it, I believe I got this for about $14. I didn’t share all of them, just wanted to give you a good idea of all of the goodies they have going on at Target right now! I’m in love and so is Celine!


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