I am Persuaded


Even through these fuzzy, emotional, confusing, restless trials we undergo at times, it never takes away from us the Love of Jesus and the promise that has been placed before those that love Him. That is why the Bible tells us that it is impossible to survive off of Bread alone, but that we must allow ourselves to be fed by the Word of God each day. The Bible lets us know that we must hunger after righteousness. How do we hunger after righteousness? By indulging our spirits in prayer, trying our very best to be obedient, by not just reading His word, but studying His word, giving Him our full attention. Living for God is a choice yes, but if it has been chosen it is also a sacrifice. Every day we make sure that we went to work to pay our bills. We’ve made sure that our children were fed today, that we were fed today, that our car was filled with gas today. The same applies to living for Jesus, it’s not about Jesus serving man, but man serving Jesus. It’s not about waking up each morning asking God what can he do for us.. It’s about waking up each morning and asking God what can we do for Him. We have been called to Serve, not to be served. God could have came down in the flesh as a King or as a Highly Ranked Chief or Priest. But instead, he came down as a humble, poor servant, to show us the living example of how we ourselves should be. That’s why the Bible tells us to be like Christ, and to Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus (Phil.2:5).  

          It’s so important to remain active in our faith and engaged. It’s so important to remain persuaded even when we don’t understand what God is doing in our lives. We fall short and forget that our God is not some project that we always say we’re going to work on out of complete procrastination, but never touch. Our God is not something that we go to only when we feel like it. Was that really His plan for us? Was that ever really the plan to our salvation? Of course not! We have to remember that getting closer to Jesus isn’t about upholding some mediocre standard that society has placed before us to meet some worldly religious platform that the Bible itself doesn’t even teach. Getting closer to Jesus is about forming a strong, loving, unbreakable bond. Getting closer to Jesus is about having an intimate relationship with Him every single day, the same way we make sure to have with our partners, and with our family and friends. Ask Jesus to create in you a clean heart, ask for Him to be your center, but also make him your center. Make Him the center of your life in everything that you speak and do.

So remain persuaded, no matter what you go through, no matter what others have to say about you. Understand that our Heavenly Father breaks things to straighten us, to mend us, to shape us. Remain kind, rooted in love, and in faith. I want you also to always keep in mind that Satan doesn’t fight anyone he’s not afraid of. Satan says we are many, but Jesus says that we are more than that. Remember who you are and who your God is and rejoice in all things. We are found by the name God has identified us with. We take on His name. I am persuaded.


           Bible Study Challenge: 

So, usually under all of my posts, I will post some scripture whole for everyone to get a glimpse of visually to read themselves. But this time, I’m going to give you some scripture that pertains to this message, so you can grab your bibles and go on a deep studying for yourself. Have fun. Stay engaged & Stay encouraged.

Verses: Matthew 1:20-21, Matthew 2:7, Matthew 2:16, Psalms 51:3, Genesis 32:31, Luke 4:14-18, Numbers 20:12, Matthew 17:1-3, Genesis 32:22-28, Luke 4:18-19, Mark 8:27-30, Mark 5:9, Mark 5:19, I Corinthians 2:6-8 




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