The Diary of an Unashamed Stepfather 



       As many of you may know, whether it be personally or through my stories; you know that my husband is my daughter’s stepfather. It actually happens to be a term we use very lightly, simply because the only thing that my daughter and I see is, is Father, Dad, Dada, or Daddy. Unfortunately all society sees is: Broken homes, sorry mother’s, and a man who has no business taking such responsibility because that’s not his child. I could go on, but for now, I choose not to.  

            The point is, neither one of us look at him as anything else besides a devoted man of God, a committed husband, and a loving father, who walks unashamed. She runs to him when she gets a boo boo from playing too rough outside. She runs to him when she wants some milk in her favorite christmas cup. She runs to the window in awe at the sound of his car door shutting when he gets home from work. She runs to him when she wants a bedtime story and someone to cuddle her when she needs rest. He is the most amazing, loving, caring father I know and we are so blessed to have him apart of our lives. 

         Step parenting can be quite a grueling task, especially for those who walk into the life of a parent with older children and an ex-partner who can be more stubborn and less accepting. It can put a never ending load on them, but we applaud the ones who don’t give up due to the tenderness that they feel for their lover, by genuinely wanting to love and get to know who they love most.. Their children. No I’m not preaching on the acceptance of broken homes, or to accept and applaud divorce just to bring in step parents. It’s just the simple truth that unfortunately, not all relationships work out. And sometimes it’s for a God given reason. 

           So to all of my step parents out there who love their step children, you are loved, appreciated, and applauded. Keep going. Don’t allow this world to tear you and the love you have for the most important people in your life down. 






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