Beautiful Minds Concert 


       For those of you who don’t know, my family and I reside in Macon, Georgia. We live a few houses down from Mercer University, which happens to be a medical school I believe. My husband had came home from playing basketball, he told me about who he played with and that there was a festival going on at the park next to us. It’s a little funny because the people he played basketball with, a band by the name of Beautiful Minds, were the ones who were performing at the festival.  

       Now, I’m not really into concerts and things of such, I’m just being honest. But I was willing to go, why not? Free weekend, why just sit in the house? And plus, my husband seemed really excited, so we went. Once we got there, all you see is drunk college students falling over, a little ridiculous, but the festival was thrown by them, I expected it. But besides that, a ton of music, lots of dancing, the park was filled with crowds of people, you could barely see the grass..seriously

          Finally, the band Beautiful Minds came up to perform. They were extremely creative and diverse. There was a bass, one on the piano, guitar, drums, and the singer even was playing a harmonica. I had never heard of them myself and they looked really young from being so far back in the crowds, so to see how creative and great of singers they were was amazing. I began to pray in my mind over everyone, I said, “God I just pray that these people come to know your truth and that they turn away from their ways. Help them to be of sober minds and heal the hearts that need to be healed. God I just pray that the people can acknowledge you tonight.” 

           After my prayer, all of a sudden the singer finished his song, and began to talk about God, and how we all need to come together as one, how we need to stop fighting each other, and to give thanks to God for everything he has done in our lives. It made my heart smile and I’m sure it made God’s too. Because of that, I had to write about them and my experience from last night. They did great. 

Check some of their music out: A Beautiful Mind Band


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