Why I Chose to Marry Young 

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At 19 and 20, my husband and I aren’t your typical “young adults” who spend the weekends out partying, or living life like never before until we turn 30 and then  decide to settle down. It’s become an article of faith in contemporary culture that you should put off marriage so you can focus on your education and career. This is just something we’ve heard too much before.

What a typical weekend looks like for us is a good service at church and a killer nap afterwards. Our weekdays consist of praying, working, parenting, learning, teaching, forgiving, loving… I can go on. But this is all apart of what keeps us going. What makes us happy.  Fortunately, when we first told our parents that we were getting married, they were over filled with joy. They had knew that my husband was the right man for me, and his family felt the same about me.

For years, my husband was my best friend. I wasn’t necessarily in the most mentally stable place for a long time. I battled a hideous depression. He stuck with me through it all, even when I treated him and everyone else around me poorly. One day, he invited me to his church, and let’s just say my life has never been the same since.

Planning for our wedding was pretty simple, we knew that all of our money was going towards bills for our new home and the rest, food. We also knew that we couldn’t afford an extravaganza wedding, but what we could afford a virtuous one. We wanted to wholeheartedly devote ourselves and our relationship to God, we wanted to become together as one in not only our eyes, but in his. Whether we were graduates with master degrees living in a mansion, or just simply struggling, we knew that for the rest of our lives, this is who I love and who I want to love for the rest of my life. For our wedding, we simply purchased two affordable wedding rings, dressed ourselves and our daughter up a bit, and we headed to the courthouse and married. The entire time our daughter just smiled in awe, watching us, wandering.

This year we will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. One year down, with many to go. It sure has been a journey so far, filled with lots of love, and neither of us would trade it for the world. Sometimes God’s timing with love just happens to be different than others and that’s ok, because it’s on his watch. People will either judge a person if they wait until they’re 40 to marry, or if they marry at 18. Face it, Everyone has a different path; Let’s get over expectations.  It’s ok. 

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