Sprinkling love in your home 

    There comes those days where being a parent, a partner, and all else can sometimes feel like your juggling the titanic on one end while trying to save Jack on the other. You know when you’re preparing to wash your clothes and you start to load them into the washer? We get loads of stress thrown at us each day and come home with all of it, at times taking it out on our loved ones, expecting them to do all of the washing to make us feel better.

         I don’t say that in a way as if we consciencely mean to. We want our loved ones to be happy and to appreciate our presence, not to despise it. And we don’t want them to ever feel unloved. But hey, we get stressed. We’re human. We hurt, we become exhausted, overwhelmed, and so much more. I came up with a few ideas in hopes to start making your days better,  change your mood, you know, lift up your spirit. 

  1. Every Morning when you first wake up, pray. Don’t look at your phone, to check social media, or anything else, pray. Ask God to guide you and your family throughout that day, to lead you, to give you all protection and strength with others outside of your home. Pray for the people you just can’t seem to stand at work or school, they need it. Sometimes you’re meant to be around people to pray for them, because no one else is.
  2. Breathe. Take deep breaths throughout your day. Count to 10 while you breathe. Give yourself reassurance. Think positive thoughts. 
  3. Tell your family that you love them and that you care for them, let them know when you’re feeling down and that you’re sorry if you say things you don’t mean and if it affects them. Ask them to pray for you. Start praying together as a family and doing bible studies together.
  4. Get a hobby. Whether an exercise, or painting, find something you like to do. It’ll keep you motivated. 
  5. Detoxify bad people out of your life. Friends who like to gossip. Friends who may talk about you when you’re not around. This is a terrible energy. Find better friends, but still pray for them.
  6. Don’t take it to the Heart, take it to God. 
  7. Speak more positive, smile more, start letting loving words just speak out of you. Drain all of that ugly, negative speech that tries to creep on you when you’re upset.
  8. Start eating healthier. We have all heard that what we eat is what we become. Start putting healthier foods into your body. What you put into your body can actually be a cause to health problems, and the way you’re feeling! Eat better! 
  9. Start taking time out for yourself. A bubble bath, a good book to read, something you’d enjoy for yourself, every once in a while.
  10. Keep your house clean, open your curtains, let some light in, play some good music. No matter what you’re going through some days, you got this. God has got you covered. Trust him. Serve him. Get to Know him. 



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