Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

       My husband and daughter are always going out on little daddy daughter dates. I find it beautiful and she absolutely loves them. She’s only 2 years old right now, so just about anything is fun to her. Daddy’s are just as important as us mommy’s. They deserve the never ending love and appreciation too! Shout out to all of you amazing fathers out there, You are loved and appreciated.  

Here’s some great ideas for daddy daughter date ideas:

  1. SkyZone – fun indoor trampoline park.   
  2. The Park. Free and always fun.  
  3. Have yourselves a picnic. Or have a date together out to eat. Just the two of you. Talk, enjoy each other’s company, laugh! 
  4. Teach your daughter how to play a sport. Such as: Basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, etc.  
  5. Take a road trip together, maybe even the beach! Mommy is going to have to come for this one but that’s ok!  
  6. Teach your daughter how to dance! She’ll love it!   
  7. Teach your daughter how to cook! Let her help you when you cook. And even bake. Look up some yum baking recipes, let her help you, and you two eat up!  
  8. Take a trip to the fair whenever it comes to town.   
  9. Ice Cream date anyone? 
  10. Go fishing together.   

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