Fun Time: Turning my daughter’s bedroom into a Toy Room.

       Oh, the joys of having toddlers who suffer the inability to sleep by themselves. Well, let’s say mine does at least. Now with being a stay at home mother working on my studies and writing a book, and you know.. the fun part, mothering.. For some odd reason we’ve kept our daughter’s toys in our living room since we first moved in. Why? I’m honestly not sure, it’s just a place where we usually do all of our talking, laughing, writing, movie nights, etc… that’s just our little comfy place in the house. 

      Recently, I was reading an article on parenting, (specifically toddlers) and the subject was on toys and why there should always be a place in the house for adults, and a place for the children. I decided to empty her room, and fill it with her favorite things. I don’t plan on keeping it like this forever, I will add a creative bed in there once I find it, but for now, we’re all happy, and so is she! And even better, I did it all for free. 

        She’s really enjoying herself.  I took crib liners from her old bed and hung them on the wall. I tied the ends into bows to give it a more girly look. I took a big woven blanket from our room and turned it into an area rug that she can sit and read on. For months, she never went into her room, now she can’t leave it alone! She reads, draws, paints, and I even hear her sing. She loves it. For a mama with a toddler, it really feels like an accomplishment. It gets tough to satisfy these kids, unless you’re talking ice cream cones with sprinkles and walks to the park. We’ll see you again next time. 


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