Deep Conditioning my Toddler’s Curls 


      Hello to all my lovely natural curly hair guru’s! Earlier this morning I deep conditioned my daughter Celine’s hair this morning for the first time. Mind you, Celine will be turning three over the summer. She has naturally curly hair which can get a little thick and stubborn at times, so I decided to try something new. 

       Last night I purchased Carol’s Daughter’s Almond Milk Hair Mask  from Target, it was on sale for $12. I originally purchased it for myself because my hair is still recovering from a hair dye gone wrong from over two years ago. But I decided to use some on my daughter to enhance her curls a bit more and add some moisture to her ends.

      I chose this hair mask because it contains no parabens, no petroleum, no mineral oil, and no artificial colors. It’s also targeted to reverse damage, deeply nourish, and protect against damage. With main ingredients such as: almond milk, aloe butter, and Shea oil

       Before I applied the mask to her hair, I washed her hair with Shea Moisture Gentle Cleansing Curls Co-Wash. It runs for about $20, but I was lucky enough to find it at Ross and only purchase it for $8.  We don’t use shampoo in our house unless it’s free of sulfate because it causes a drought in our hair, by drought I mean, raining dandruff. Yuck. Not good.       

     Anyways,  I gave my daughter a bath, washed her hair with the co-wash, de-tangled, and then began to apply the mask to her hair. I let it sit in for about 15 minutes and rinsed it out. The results were AMAZING. I was VERY HAPPY. 

Below is a picture of what her hair normally looks like. Still beautiful in my opinion of course, it’s in its natural state. It’s just tough to keep up with sometimes! 


Here’s the results after the hair mask:


      I must say, I’m a very happy mama after these results! She’s gotten a ton of compliments on these bouncy curls! Her hair even feels better… and it shines!  I reccommend these products to all my curly girls out there! Even better, I’d love to hear about some more curly products we should try! Thanks y’all! 


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