Strawberry Banana Smoothie 




       A few weeks ago I decided to cut those sugary juice boxes from my daughter’s diet. I  discovered that a ton of the juices that I would normally purchase aren’t the “100% natural, all juice” that they say they are. Most store bought juices also don’t even really contain real fruit juice, just “flavors.” Apple Juice contains 39 grams of sugar which is pretty up there with Coca-Cola, considering the fact that they’re bottles contain a whopping 40 grams. 

     The more research I began to do, the more I began to realize that these store bought fruit juice’s are just as unhealthy as sugary drinks like soda. And in all honesty, there’s not much research needed to be done. You can simply look at the back of the boxes where the nutrition facts are and it will tell you itself. As mothers, we all want our children to be as healthy as possible. So when things like this concerning their health touch one of us, it touches all of us.
          Hm, what to do? Oh, what to do?  

      Start Juicing and Blending. Start grabbing local fresh organic fruits at your local grocery store or fresh market and start juicing! That way, you’ll always know what your child is drinking because you yourself made it. 
        Here I’m going to share one of the smoothies I enjoy making the most. Simply, because it’s the most easy to make and delicious.
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • Banana 
  • Oranges for orange juice or an organic bottled orange juice.
  • Ice  
  • Milkshake straws
  • Blender

  1. Wash your fruit if you’re using fresh, and slice up your banana! If using frozen, simply place the ingredients into the blender. Also, if you’re using fresh fruit and oranges, I would put a few cubes of ice in there to make it cold. 
  2. Blend your fruit until smooth and you’re all finished. I use milkshake straws for my family and I to chug it down! 


         Looks like you’re good to go! Simple and easy alternative to ensuring your child gets the right vitamins and fruit they need daily. 


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