Mimi’s Chocolate Pudding Pie

As a child, I would enjoy my weekends over at my great grandmother’s Mimi’s home and indulge in her irresistible, delicious, pudding pie. She always added her own little twist to her recipes, which I still can’t seem to figure out. One night, I was craving her pie, although it had been years since I had it. I took a trip to the store, remembered all of the ingredients (again, don’t know how) and made my family some pie. I decided to share because it’s just too good to miss, especially if you love some chocolate pudding the way I do. 
Here’s what you’ll Need: Chocolate Pudding Jel-O, Whole Milk, Whip Cream, Graham Pie Crust. 


Step 1: Follow the instructions on the Chocolate Pudding Box to first, make the pudding. 


Step 2: After you’ve finished mixing the pudding and following all of the instructions, pour it into your pie crust. 


Step 3: Spread whip cream over the top of the pudding. If you want, you can add graham cracker crumbs or sprinkles to the top of your pie.


Step 4: Cover your pie and let sit in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. After, grab your spoons and plates, and Enjoy! 


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