Behind every Angry person lies Hurt

       To those who are just going through some things,

        Instead of allowing yourself to get worked up, and even lash out when you’ve had enough.

Instead of spitting fire balls of anger towards people who have hurt you. 

Turn your voice into a pen and allow it to spill out on paper. 

If we don’t teach ourselves to forgive, the grudges we hold onto will never give us peace. It will leave us imprisoned.

If we don’t ask God for forgiveness, we will never see the light.

Behind every angry person lies a hurt person trying to cover it up with anger. 

Worrying about tomorrow and what the day shall bring won’t make today any better. 

And always remember, you never know what someone is going through, people choose to show the world what they want. 

So be kind always, whether people aren’t always. 

Fighting the enemy with love will always leave him distracted and bring him confusion, eventually he will flee from you. 

Have patience. Be patient. 


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